Saturday, February 10, 2007

I have been sent on a blogger's guilt trip by Michelle. Thanks for that. I am sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of days. I tell ya, life just never slows down over here! I don't remember what I have been busy with, but it was something important I am sure. I went on a wonderful Valentine date last night with my sweet hubby and our friends Kim and David Elmore. It was an extremely nice evening with a fancy dinner and dance at the church and then a drive to the movies to see the Pursuit of Happyness. I highly recommend this movie. I admit it stressed me out during 80% of the movie, has a great message and sends you home with a great sense of urgency to get your life in order. I have a greater commitment to getting and staying out of debt and being more self reliant after the movie. But, on to stampin topics! I have actually stamped the last few days, but decided to share this scrap page that I did a while back. It is one of my favorite pictures of myself....good pictures of me are few and far between. It was taken at the Kindergarten tea party last spring. Ethan is the smoocher. He is my lovie-dovie boy. Such a sweetie! I actually copied the idea for this page from one of my favorite scrap artists, Heidi Swapp. I did change it around a bit, but the basic format is from her. I will admit tho...I am a lazy stamper and really hate to stand up once I have started scrappin/stampin. I tend to be bouncing out of my chair every other minute to go get something and I really don't like it! So, when I was doing this page, I wanted the staples on the corners and my stapler wasn't on my desk so...I punched holes with the SU craft kit paper piercer (fav tool!) and connected the holes with a black marker. Voila! Faux staples. ( I thought it was clever...) The "file folder" is actually a file folder I just cut down and distressed a bit. The flowers are Prima and the sequins are...probably OTC. Can't remember....anyway, I hope you all like it!

have a great weekend!!


Debbie Olson said...

Beckie, this layout is totally lovely--isn't being a mom AND having great pictures to scrap wonderful? :-D

Michelle said...

Such a cute picture and layout! I love the faux staples! And it is a great pic of you!

DebiKay said...


I can't believe you actually have time to blog! When do you have time to sit down and blog - after volunteering at your kid's school, cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, holding stamp classes, being a wife, chauffeur, etc?! Don't you ever sleep? You are awesome, and I'm looking forward to future blogs and photos of your wonderful projects!