Monday, February 19, 2007

Since today was a holiday, I decided to spend the day not doing my normal 'chores.' Don't be fooled into thinking I took it easy tho, I ended up shredding 50 pounds of junk mail and working in the yard. I don't know which activity made my hands more sore... I am truly pathetic when opening junk mail strains my muscles! My junk mail pile is a bit smaller and my yard looks a bit better so, I must have done okay. I also had some fun with Ben on the trampoline and a great family home evening. The kids were all in attendance (minus Maegan) and actually listened and behaved! Life is good!

I have to admit that I wasn't thrilled with this set when it arrived from Stampin' Up! I just didn't see the possibilities with it. I did like the words but the that I have seen all the awesome samples made with the set I have decided I just need to play with it more. Here is one of my first attempts. I used my traditional purple and green (perfect plum and always artichoke)...those are my comfort colors, what can I say?! For the paisley in the background I went out on a limb and used close to cocoa. I think it looks good! I inked up the flowers with my "Marvelous Markers." I love my markers! I wanted the flower stems to go both ways so I used the markers to only ink up the flower and little circle. Then I used the artichoke marker to ink up just the stem part so I could turn it both ways. I "stamped off" before stamping the flowers behind the words to soften the colors. All in all, I have to say I am pretty happy with the card. Honestly tho...with the purple and bad could it be?

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Brynn said...

I wasn't thrilled with this set at first either, but am now having a good time with it. Kendra Giles does amazing things with it! Have you seen that she is offering awesome blog candy today?