Monday, March 5, 2007

Saturday night was my Embossing class at my home. We had fun doing several different heat embossing cards. I believe in letting people be creative so I taught the technique and then let everyone pick their colors and layout. I was also trying to use up a bit of the mountain of cardstock scapage I found while rearranging my office this week. You would be amazed.....or not! This card was done by Diane Mark. I love the colors she chose! The card base is Cameo Coral...a lovely yet frequently overlooked color in my opinion. For the background, she stamped the print pattern using chocolate chip. It was a bit stark so she sponged the edges. Voila! Shabby chic! Totally cute! This technique is called shattered glass. To do this, stamp your image on regular white cardstock and color in if desired. Then, ink up the entire piece of cardstock with Versamark and emboss with Glassy Glaze embossing powder, AKA UTEE. While the UTEE is still hot and liquid looking, pour more UTEE over it and heat it again. Repeat this three times. Let the piece cool (throw it in the freezer to speed it up) and then bend the paper to "shatter" the glass. Sometimes you are rewarded with a cool cracking sound, sometimes not. To intensify the 'crack' marks, rub over the image with an inked sponged.

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Brynn said...

Very cool projects! I haven't done any embossing in any of my classes yet. I'd love to hear some details on how you organize a class like this. For example I'm wondering: How many embossing guns did you have? Did you demo first and then just let people go at it? How long was your deomonstration? How many work spaces did you set up and how? What do you charge for a class like this? How many people were there and what kinds of materials options and limitations did you give? Thanks for any info you can give when you have a chance!