Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Canning update

Well, those of you that were laughing when I mentioned bringing home 200 cucumbers can just keep on laughing. That is a LOT of cucumbers! Holy cow! I am through one box....just about. I had some awesome helpers tonight. My daughter had a friend over to spend the night and they both just jumped in and worked their fingers off. They actually did a better job than I did I think. Their slices were thinner and boy can they cram alot of cukes in a jar!
After talking with my new canning friend and not being able to find directions for canning pickles in the oven, I decided to play it safe and use my steamer. It went pretty fast, but....only five jars at a time. So....after three steamer batches, I went ahead and did a batch in the oven. 275 degrees for about 35 minutes. You know what? They sealed faster than the steamed ones! I love that little "clink" sound you hear when they seal. I wait around and count them with each batch. The steamed ones took quite a while but the oven ones just started singing right away! So...I'm pretty much sold on the oven idea. For those of you that have been looking at the idea on the internet and reading all those "don't do this!!" notes, all I can say is...it is working! One difference from what I have read and what I actually do is that I DO cover my jars with the lids. This does allow the stuff in the jar to get hot enough.
Anybody want some pickles? I think I may have to branch out to relish tomorrow....


Aunt T said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I know canning is also a ton of work but the fruits of your labor will be enjoyed and appreciated for several months I am sure. Relish sounds yummy - what kind are you making?


Beth said...

Home-canned goods make awesome incentives for your downline...lol