Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Guess what I did today! I had a crazy hair idea to can tomatoes so I did! My kids and I canned 30 quarts of tomatoes this afternoon. It was so fun having helpers in the kitchen! I have canned before, but my kids haven't been old enough to help or maybe I just didn't ask them. My oldest son was quite the task master. He kept me going and made sure everything worked out. He was awesome! My younger daughter was also an awesome helper. She peeled all those tomatoes. When I was at WalMart getting more lids, I ran into a lady that was also a canner. She told me she canned in her oven! I had never heard of that before! I asked her more, and, actually took her number and told her to go home so I could call her and ask more questions. (I was nice about it!) She was very helpful when I called her. I have now been converted to oven canning! My tomatoes look awesome! I did 10 in my steamer, 5 at a time, and then 20 in my oven! I can fit 11 jars in my oven at a time. This is a total time saver!

Anyway....just had to share my fun day. Tomorrow we are going blueberry picking. It must be summer...

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Michelle Tweedy said...

I'm going to have to talk to you about oven canning...hmmm. The tomatoes are gorgeous! Thanks for plugging my circle journal! I'm so excited about it!