Monday, July 23, 2007

Working on swaps....and Harry

Some girlfriends and I met up Saturday night to work on conventions swaps. Unfortunately....the box I paid to have overnighted to me so I would have swap materials...did not come. shoot! Oh well..I went ahead and grabbed some supplies and went. I ended up making this little gift card holder/card that I liked. I was really cute. I had finished about 8 of them before I realized the ribbon I was using had retired. Can you say "dagnabit!?" grrrr.... So, I moved on to another idea. This one is all current! Chocolate chip and blue sky cardstock, the doodle this stamped with white and chalked over. The ribbon is new, thanks Shari for letting me snag that from you! I added a bit of hodgepodge and some glitter and a warm word. I like it. I think I am going to end up having several different swaps this year. It is a good way to clean out all those scraps! I have loads of precut scraps from past camps and workshops that I am going to try and use up. We shall see....

If you are seeing spots in these pictures, that would be the fabric for our group jammies at convention. SO cute!! I am also finishing them up this week along with the t-shirts.

I have to be honest busy as I am, I did take some time out to read the new Harry Potter book. Loved it! J.K. is a genius!! I won't spill any beans was wonderful! I actually went to the bookstore Friday night with my daughter at midnight to get my reserved copy. I don't know WHAT I was thinking! There was a huge line there! I got a number and got in line. We were number 216. yeah. So, after thinking for about 10 minutes about how long this was going to take...we decided to ditch it and go to WalMart. You guessed it! No lines, no numbers, and a huge pile of books sitting in the middle of the store. I picked up two...cause I didn't want to share, and we were out of there in 5 minutes! I hate WalMart, but it does come in handy some times! Now I am reading the book to my kids. is a long book. It wish it would have come out at the beginning of the summer!


Michelle Tweedy said...

Cute swaps! I love the doodle in brown and blue. Loved the book, too!

Beth said...

I love both your projects. Although very different, the doodled one reminds me of the pink and brown card you sent Yazmin and I once. Everyone loves that card! My daughter and I went to the Harry Potter crop at Once Upon a Scrapbook then went over to Books-a-Million in Madison to pick up our pre-paid copy of HP (don't ya know we saw Yazmin and her oldest daughter there too.) Anyway, we were in the very back of the store (no one was sure where the line ended) and had to weave all the way across the store then in and out of each book isle. Do you know we were out of there by 12:35! Those people rocked!!! Have a safe trip to convention. Can't wait to hear from you on your return!