Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back in the groove...

I'm getting things back in order after convention. It was so nice to have a week away...no laundry, no driving kids all over town, no cooking.....I'm paying for it now tho, I also had NO excercise. Although, I did opt for stairs (thanks Sarah-in picture with me) whenever I had the opportunity.
Today I got up early (8:30) and did two miles on my bike. I know, not so very impressive for some of you, but dang impressive for me!

Of course, then I ended up at UnderDog today and ate a ton of junk food. My will power is pretty much shot these days....what can I say? Warm cinnamon pretzels? Who can resist those, really!? The funnest part of the movie was watching my Benny jump up and down in excitement everytime the dog flew around. He was a riot! The movie is totally kid friendly and clean and just fun. It is also quite short. Only an hour and about 27 minutes. Just long enough for a 6 year old that doesn't like to sit for long. And, of course...long enough to eat way too much junk. sigh...
Here are some more samples from convention. I am going to apologize right now for not giving proper credit for these. There was a gal in the dining hall that had a bunch of 3-D items spread out on a table from a swap that she had done. She let us take pictures of them. Very sweet of her. I liked this recipe book because 1. it was cute, and 2. each of the pages inside had the slot punched on one side and twice along the bottom so you could easily slide a recipe card into the book. I thought that was such a clever idea! Kudos to whom ever came up with that one!

This next once is so dang cute! Simple, but cute. I think I like this little set. At the end of the day, we would all pull out our swaps and take pictures of each others so we could have more samples. I think this card must have been in another person's group of swaps because I don't actually have it. So, again...can't give credit. I'll just tell you that I didn't make it but...I could if I wanted to! And, if I had the stamps... Sometimes the most striking cards are very simple. I really liked this one.
Okay...I have about three extra kids spending the night tonight. Tomorrow is Ethan's big birthday so...this is his first official sleepover. I guess I should go pump them full of sugar and then let them run it out. (Just kidding!)
On a local note, I am having my big new catalog kick off a week from Saturday. If you are in the area, please come by! Email me for more information. We will be doing loads of fun stuff!

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Michelle Tweedy said...

That recipe book is adorable. Let's do a swap for one of those. You do the cover!