Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coaster frame

This week has been officially christened 'registration week' at my house. Between the elementary, junior high, and high school....that is all I'm doing! Don't tell, but I'm thinking of registering at the community college as well. Maybe some online classes in my free time. LOL
Since I have been either in the car or at a school all week, I haven't had much time to stamp. So, I am sharing another great swap from convention. I have been getting some questions about coaster ideas so I thought this was a great swap to share. This is a totally simple wow project. The artist is Annette Bogue. She took two coasters and stuck them together to make a little desktop frame. The front coaster has a square cut out of the middle and has black cardstock stuck over that on the back. It is open at the top so you can slide a photo into the frame. The front coaster was painted red and dotted with....the awesome white gel pen! yes! The back coaster was folded almost half way down and the two coasters are stuck together on the upper part of that fold. Because I know I am a totally visual person, I am including this picture so my words make some sort of sense. See? anyway, I totally love this idea! Kudos to Annette for thinking of something so simply wowish! What a perfect little gift for some one or a great stamp camp idea.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. I actually got my lazy self out of bed and attempted a run today. My first day running out in the big wide world. I tell ya, it is different from the good ol treadmill at the gym. For one thing, I felt like a total goob and the second was pretty warm out there! Even at 7 am! My sister ran at 4pm in Phx the other day....yes, I have little sister envy. For lots of reasons. I am determined to do this triathalon! They may have to drag me over the finish line, but...I'm going to give it my best shot!
Hopefully I will find a minute to stamp today. I better, I have swaps due tomorrow!
If you all have time, take a minute to wish my bestest friend Michelle a happy birthday today. She is turning the big 40! Happy Birthday Michelle!


Aunt T said...

Beautiful project. I just love it. Great job.

(I don't miss those early school year registration days)!


Michelle Tweedy said...

Such a cute project!! And thanks for the birthday wishes! Love ya!