Monday, August 6, 2007

More convention stuff

One of the great things about convention is the chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones. That is actually probably the biggest reason I like to go. The stamping and business info is invaluable, really is all about the relationships. I have so many great friends that I have made through stamping. It is wonderful! At convention this year, I was able to finally meet one of my downline in person. April is a sweetie! We had a great time hanging out together. She brought me this awesome gift the first day. Isn't it adorable? The notebook was inside the can along with loads of yummy taffy and goodies. I thought that was so sweet of her! She also did a great job on these!

April and Kimber were also the ones that accompanied me to the awesome concert after the awards ceremony. Aren't they beautiful?! We had a lot of fun!

Here is another picture of the band I am gaga about today...It was amazing watching them play each other's instruments like this. The good news is, I let my hubby listen to them and he likes them too! That is very cool! If you haven't checked out the band yet, do it! Listen to Dream Big. It is my favorite.

At the pajama-rama the first night of convention our group all wore our matching pjs. We were so darn cute!! SU offered a free sepia photo to everyone so we got one all together. I really regret not getting one in color. We were all so tired and there were so many people running around, we thought we would wait for another day. And, we just didn't do it. Imagine this picture in color...the bottoms are black with white dots and the flowers on the shirts are a bright real red. We were by far the cutest group there! I had one of the SU photographers snap a picture of us and told him that if they put THAT in the recruiting brochure....people would be lining up to sign those papers!

The cute little man in front is Steph's son Zach. He was so wonderful! We all got our baby fix holding him. I did find out that I have lost those baby arm muscles tho...I got wore out holding him!

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