Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feeling my age...

I decided to update the look of my blog. Yeah, like I have a clue how to do that! I have spent over two hours now trying to change it to how I want it and I'm giving up! If I asked him to, Ethan could probably fix it for me. My 8 year old. Why is it so hard for me to figure out this computer? My kids are way better at computer stuff than I am. I can usually figure stuff out, but it takes a lot of trial and error. I try to read the instructions and it feels like I am reading another language! It is very aggravating! So, after much trial and loads of error, I am going with what you see here. It isn't bad, but isn't what I had in mind. The bad news is that all the awesome blogs I had links to here are lost in cyberspace somehow. darn! If you have an awesome blog, let me know! I'll add it here! I guess I will have to start over. sigh...
I wanted to update for two reasons. One, I saw a link on someone else's blog for new blogger templates. Yeah, I obviously can't figure those out! The other reason is that I have reached 8000 hits. yay! Golly, I wonder how many of those were Michelle...LOL :o)
In honor of the new layout and the 8000 hits, I will be offering some awesome blog candy tomorrow. I would post it tonight but....I'm totally beat! So, tell your friends and stop by tomorrow! And, if you are a computer whiz and want to donate your efforts to making my blog how I want it...let me know!
I did spend some time today stamping with Kim again. I worked on projects for a craft fair I am doing this Saturday, and the next, and the next, and the next....yes, I am insane. Didn't you already know that? Anyway, I'll post a picture tomorrow. I am really happy with how they are turning out. I actually came up with this idea all my my self! Now you REALLY have to stop by tomorrow! ;o)

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