Sunday, January 27, 2008

Always purple

Those of you that know me at all know that my favorite color is purple. I just love it! It is funny because a few years ago I didn't know that purple was my favorite color. I was with some friends...probably scrapbooking, and we were talking about favorite things. I said I didn't know what my favorite color was and Michelle said, "it is purple." or probably more accurately, "it's purple you dingdong." And you know what? She was right! Just an example of how your best friend knows you better than you know yourself. Alas, my best buddy lives in California and I am in Florida. Where is the justice in the world? You can see a picture of us when we met up in Palm Springs a few weeks ago on Michelle's blog.

Where was I going with the whole purple thing? Well, let me tell ya! I sat down the other day to work on swaps for my downline swap. I had decided to use the Always set. Love it! I had been inspired by a sample on SCS that was done by Beate I believe. The colors were awesome! Pink and yellow. Something was missing when I tried the same color combo. But, as often happens, I took the inspiration and morfed it into my own thing. I could say that I decided to use purple (eggplant) because that is the color I had the most of, or because it was sitting on my desk, but frankly, I love purple! That is the color most of my cards end up being if I am not careful!

To do this card, I first stamped the heart onto watercolor paper using my Chocolate Chip Craft pad. I dumped clear embossing powder over top of that and heat set it. Then I used my watercolor crayons to color onto the heart. I scribbled the crayons onto the top of my plastic stamp case and used my aqua painters to pick up the colors and 'paint' them onto the heart. I started with the yellow, smearing it around outside the actual lines of the flowers I was highlighting, let it dry just a bit, then went back with my purple and added that. I ended up going back with the yellow again to soften the transition between the colors. I heat it with my heat tool to speed up the drying and to blow the colors around a bit. After the heart was dry I cut it out with my awesome new Craft & Paper scissors that my dear friend Kimber got for me. Love them! As a side note here....I really thought these scissors were only for ribbon. But according to Debra Thompson, who actually READ the product guide (!), they are for ....crafts AND paper. They work awesome for cutting the watercolor paper. Very comfy handles! Anyway! On one card I did two hearts, cut them out and mounted them on whisper white cardstock over some Chocolate satin ribbon (Theater collection). The top heart is put on with dimensionals. I stamped the saying in chocolate chip and used a chocolate chip marker to put a few dots in the corners. They just needed something.I added a purple rhinestone brad for some bling. On the other sample, I stamped the heart again onto whisper white and mounted the cut out heart onto that with dimensionals so that only the dotted border showed. I mounted that onto eggplant and built the card just like the other one. It is funny because I had intended to use the chocolate chip ink with pink cardstock and when I switched to eggplant, I didn't change my ink color. I don't know if I have done much with brown and purple, but I really liked how they looked together! Serendipity!
Hope you are having a great weekend! If you are in Florida, don't forget to go and vote Tuesday!


Mom said...

I liked the purple and brown combination. I enjoyed the 2 hearts the most, I think. The bold colors just jumped out at me. And...the, you've got those down! You always know just what tiny touches are needed to 'finish' a project! Good job.

Michelle Tweedy said...

I love these two cards. The purple is fantastic, of course. Purple is also my favorite color. Maybe that's why we get along so well! LOL