Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beate's challenge and the One armed Bandit

I am feeling so inspired today! I woke up early, made blueberry muffins, got the kids and DH off to school, showered, thought up plenty of reasons NOT to work out today, and went straight to my craft room. :o) I checked out Beate's blog early this morning and noticed that she had a challenge. I tell ya, these challenges are a great way to jump start your creativity! I decided I would give it a try. You can see her inspiration piece here. I thought I would break out of the norm and use the inspiration to make a scrapbook page instead of a card today. I've been feeling the scrappin urge for a few days now. My first challenge was to try and make the red paper up in the right hand corner. I have to say I 'ruined' a few sheets of paper before I came up with something that would work. To get this effect, I used a 12 x 12 Paisly backgroun stencil from Crafter's workshop. I put the stencil over a piece of scratch paper and then sprayed it with some red fabric spray paint. I then turned the stencil over an pressed it onto a piece of Stampin' Up!'s vanilla cardstock. I liked the texture this technique gave me on the paper. I cut it down to size and layered it onto another piece of Vanilla. For the caramel at the bottom, I used my SU vanilla pad directly onto the paper by dragging it across carefully. The stripes at the side are from an unknown source...I 'think' Paper Wishes?? Anyway, I wasn't sure if the colors really went together so I rubbed some brown ink on all the edges. But then, after putting my picture on, I thought pink highlights might be better. And then for good measure I added some blue highlights too. Golly I wish SU carried these little chalk option pads! I love them! I used some foam stamps from Creating Keepsakes for the black swirls and added a black photo corner and one blue brad. I tied the F-tag on with linen thread and stuck the tag down with dimensionals so it would stay put. Finally, I added three Heidi Swapp ghost flowers down the left side with more blue brads. I don't know if it is anywhere near the inspiration piece but, I was inspired by the inspiration to make this so, that works! Right?

In other news, my son got his cast off his arm yesterday. We actually got to the Doc's office 10 minutes early! I guess Thor was excited. Everything looks good. The doc told him to take it easy for a week or so and to avoid PE. This is easy since we now home school. Wouldn't you know it, a couple hours later I hear him screaming bloody murder as he comes running in the door holding his just healed arm. "I broke my arm again!!!" He had been playing basketball next door with not only his brothers and the neighbor boy, but also his dad! You'd think....never mind. After much calming down efforts, a bag of ice, and 'the real story,' his arm was fine. I did ground him from basketball for the rest of the week tho...sheesh!


beate said...

Oh man! Boys!!! I am glad your boys arm isn't broken again!
I love the page you came up with. It looks incredible!
Hugs and smiles

Karen said...

Hey Beckie! I tagged your blog and I hope you want to play along. I know you've been tagged before, but come on by my blog anyway and see my 7 random facts. ha!