Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Liberty Belle and Must have items!!

No, it isn't a mis print. I really mean Belle! I did this page in honor of my good friend Katie. She is an amazing woman. I thought the little play on words was kind of fun. We did a version of this layout at my stamp a stack and scrap night earlier this month. I had four photo spots on the right page at the class. When I went to add my photos later, I found that the photo spots I had planned did not really accomidate the photos I wanted to use. Usually, when all is right and the planets are all in alignment, I scrapbook using Dotto repositionable adhesive. I LOVE that stuff! But, alas, when I put this page together, I did not have any Dotto so I used Snail adhesive. The good news is, that awesome snail adhesive took a strong hold on my papers and I had a heck of a time getting them apart. The good news? Snail is an awesome adhesive if you don't want things falling apart! When I 'ripped' the layers apart, I was left with some nice little blue...let's call them paper skins, left on my page. I pulled out my Scrapbooker helper from Un Do and used that first. This stuff is great! You can squirt the liquid onto your paper, pictures, anything, and it neutralizes the adhesive long enough for you to get it off.Then, when it dries, it gets sticky again. It doesn't discolor you paper or hurt photos at all. Yes, it is magic! Anyway, that did do pretty good at getting the paper skin off, but what I found worked just as well on the tiny little bits was the good old adhesive remover eraser from Stampin' Up! I was able to get all traces of my first photo mats off the page with no damage whatsoever! I was just so excited!! I was able to rearrange my elements, put down new pictures and journal with out having to redo the whole page. So, if you don't have the adhesive remover and the undo remover...your life just isn't complete!!
All materials for the pages are from Stampin' Up! I used mellow moss paper and ink with Western Sky designer paper for the top strips. The blue paper and ribbon are both Blue Bayou, an 'in color' that will be retiring the end of July. Get it while you can! The star and heart are inked with rose red and mellow moss craft ink and the Baroque motif swirls and "Liberty bell" are stamped with mellow moss craft ink.
Today was actually a really busy day! I had to get up early to take my oldest two to the start of their pioneer trek. They will be traveling pioneer style across a fairly large area of Florida wilderness, complete with handcarts and pioneer costumes. Can you tell which one is excited to be going and which one would prefer to bury their head in the sand or run home? Ah, the days of a teenager when everything was so "huge!" Now, it's just me that is huge. ha ha. Not funny.


Katie said...

I'm a *star*! I really like the pages. And your kiddos look so cute.

Gina Wrona said...

Too funny!
I'm surprised they let you take the picture let alone post it for all of us to see and laugh along.