Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eggplant isn't for eating

It is for stamping! I know, some people love eggplant but I have never had any that I liked. It is in the same category as Kiwi for me. The "icky" category. That being said, I LOVE the color eggplant! I am a purple person, as some of you may know by now, and Eggplant is probably my favorite in the purple family.
This card is totally 'me' because it has purple and green. What more do you need? I had wanted this stamp for a while but I've been trying the 'think of five ways to use it before you buy it' strategy and didn't have five yet. When I saw a post somewhere .....can't remember where....where the artist stamped the flower several times and then layered them to give the flower a 3-D effect.....I just couldn't wait any longer! (I will be making sure I come up with four more ways to use this very soon!) I stamped the flower three times and cut out the different layers. I sponged the edges a bit with lavender lace ink and stuck them on with dimensionals at the top and snail at the bottom. That way, the flower opens up at the top but is flat at the bottom. I added a bit of dazzling diamonds glitter to the center, but you can't really see it here. The artichoke card base is stamped with the canvas background in a messy fashion. The background stamp wasn't as big as my card base (5-1/4 square) so I stamped, turned, stamped, moved over, stamped, etc. It is just a rough background. I sponged the edges of the card with eggplant ink to pull it all together. When I went to dig for some eggplant ribbon....I didn't have any! AAH! So, I pulled out some white taffeta and ran it over my eggplant stamp pad. I love the way this turned out! The hodgepodge is retired and the new vanilla hodgepodge would most likely look better, but....I'm using what I have!
Have a good one!!

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Gina Wrona said...

Purple you say, mmmmmmmmmmm, thanks for sharing that little tidbit. I know you've said you like to read and are always looking for suggestions, but have you read that new book by Jimmy Buffet? Do you even like him?

Let me know, okay?