Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas 'wonder' land

Meaning....I 'wonder' if I will be close to ready for Christmas when it gets here. I don't know about you, but I have lost a few days or even weeks lately. I can think of some things I would rather lose than days....
Sarah had a Christmas concert last night for strings and choir. She did great once we got to the school. She had a bit of a melt down on the way that made us late. Our cafeteria is the size of my family room so, being late means you sit in the courtyard and watch people walk in front of you while you strain to see the show on the small TV hanging from the ceiling. Long story long, I have no pictures to share of her concert. It is sad....but she has another one tonight. Maybe I'll get lucky!

At my stamp a stack last Thursday night we did some fun Christmas projects. One of them was these cute gift tags. These are made entirely from punches. I shamelessly copied them from Mercedes Weber. They were just TOO cute not to! As is usual, I have my wonderful customers that must do projects exactly as they are presented....and then there are the ones that must change what ever I do. I love them both! Here are some variations on a theme. Aren't they adorable?
Check back tomorrow. I have more great things I have copied to share. LOL

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