Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homework, homework, & an awesome blog link!

School has been amazingly fun! I love being back in the 'learning' department. I'm just soaking it all up. The only drawback is homework. When am I supposed to do that? After stamping, of course! 
Actually, I think it will be fine. I've organized my week so that I have a full study day on Wednesday, as well as each night before bed. It helps that I am interested in everything I am taking! 
I went to a little sewing class on Tuesday night at the church. We made the cutest little dresses! These are meant for girl's sized 2T-4T (approx) but the project just opens up all kinds of other ideas! I gave the one I made to my sister for my niece so I don't have a picture, but it was totally cute! Check out this link to see the original design and a really wonderful tutorial. If you are an eyeballer that likes to just jump into a project, like me, you will love this blog! She has all kind of projects that are easy peasy and totally cute!! All the credit goes to the blog author  Dana. Enjoy!

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