Thursday, January 21, 2010


i am back in school and having sooo much fun! It is such an awesome thing to be back in a learning environment. I truly love it. I wonder if I will become a professional student....I may never want to leave! We shall see....
I finished this page today for my calendar. I know, it should be done by now, but I just work on it now and then so it taking longer than it really should. This is the June page. Mae's birthday is in June, so she is the star. I am learning more and more about My Digital Studio each time I use it. I love that I can change colors and the opaqueness of that a word?
It is raining and raining here....I may need to rent a boat to get the kids to school tomorrow! I can't believe's been raining non stop for like, three days. amazing! I almost feel like I'm back in Florida!
I may have exciting pictures to share tomorrow...Val is finally coming to paint my wall purple! Can't wait! cross your fingers....:o)

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