Saturday, January 16, 2010

I can hardly stand it!!!!

As I was thinking about My Digital Studio...while I drove my kids all over creation, I had a brain storm. I know...this will not be a new idea for many if not ALL of you out there, but it was for me. I realized that I could make anything I wanted on there! I didn't have to use a template, or anything! I decided to start with my pictures and build a page just like I would do a traditional scrap page. I absolutely LOVE what I ended up with !! Even with pictures of myself on there. This is for my April page of my calendar...and my birthday is in April made sense. I mean, this calendar is for the whole family, not just me so....anyway! It is important to put yourself in your albums too. I know most of us moms are behind the camera and not in many pictures, but we need to work on that! Me included! So, here is my page. Everything on here is from My Digital Studio. I love that I can use buttons and brads and ribbons and stitching and....I never have to get up from my computer! AND if I mess something up? Just undo it! I tell you what, this program is just amazing! You've GOT to get your hands on one! You will love it!
If you are already using My Digital Studio....please leave a link in the comment section so I can see what YOU are doing!!


Michelle Tweedy said...

I am totally loving all these digital pages. But this one is may fave so far. You are so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

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Laurel said...

the digital pages are fantastic.