Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage friends

Happy Valentine's day everyone! I had a wonderful day. My kids were mostly good, my house was mostly clean, choir went mostly okay, and our surprise birthday party for my sister was mostly wonderful! The only drawback to the day was the lack of my sweetheart. sigh, I do miss him. Some days more than others. I did get a wonderful note from a friend sharing some memories of him. That made my day!
I wanted to share a sweet "friend" card, in honor of my best friend. This card was made by Glenda Calkins from Minnisota. I love the colors she used and the way she cut out the flowers and layered them to give the card depth. This is a really cute set and very versatile.
Make a card for YOUR best friend today. I think I will.....:o)


Michelle Tweedy said...

So pretty.

Arcticstamper said...

I love your cards and creative blog. I hope you will start posting again. Mean people should drop off the face...don't give that person the satisfaction!