Sunday, October 28, 2007

Framed Flowers

Today our lesson in Relief Society was on gratitude. Not only gratitude for our blessings, but also gratitude for our trials and tribulations. Some of you may be thinking...why in the world would I be grateful for trials?! The hard times in our lives are the times when we are actually learning. When we are growing. If we never had things to suffer through, we would never grow. I know this to be true. Now, I'm not saying that I start each day with a prayer asking for trials and much suffering, on the contrary! I do, however, start each day asking for the strength and ability to overcome and endure all that may come my way. I have had my fair share of hard times, but I've made it this far! I guess I am just feeling very grateful today for my life. For the good, the bad and the ugly. I would not want anyone else's life. Mine is a perfect fit for me.

I went on a date with my sweetie Saturday night...we hadn't had a real date in almost a month! Those of you that know me will know that this is out of the norm. We always go on a date once a week. Life has just been toooo busy lately. It was great to be able to spend some time together. He even went to the craft store with me! That, my friend, is true love. ;o) I was looking for some wooden pegs for a project I'm working on and ended up finding so much more! (heehee...he left me alone while he went to the restroom...I had a pile when he came out!) there were some really cute little wooden items I just had to have. I played with one today and just love it! This was just a plain $1 wooden frame. It has a hole to hang it on the wall or a dowel that sticks in the back so you can stand it on your mantel. The frame is probably 5 x 5. Not too big. I sprayed it with craft bond adhesive and put some rose red designer paper over it. I cute an X where the hole was and folded the insides around the inner part. The outside edges of the frame were plain so I used some sticky strip to add some white tafetta ribbon there. The 'picture' is three flowers with stems from the pretties kit that I shaded with the SU pastels. I stuck them on with glue dots and tied the stems together with linen thread. The saying is from the Simply Said stamp set. I think I may make some more of these for the craft fair this weekend. What do you think of it? I'm loving the comments, so keep them coming!

Blog candy winner!!

I have to say that I have totally enjoyed each and every comment on here! Most of you said your family and children bring you the greatest delight in life. That is so wonderful! That is true for me as well. I am so very blessed to have six healthy happy children that get along with each and then.
The winner of the blog candy is....CALI! Congrats! I hope everyone will take a minute and read the comment Cali left. She works with abused children and is a truly wonderful person. Her comment is worth a read. Cali, please send me your address so I can get your goodies out to you.
I had so much fun with this, I just may make the candy a weekly thing...stay tuned!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bloggers challenge and candy

I know I said I would post some blog candy yesterday but I didn't even get near my computer! What a crazy day! I had planned on doing it the night before but...I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and I was so dog tired that I laid my head down on the counter for a minute. My son came into the room and said, "go to bed mom, dad and I will do the dishes." Now, who in thier right mind would turn down that offer? My boys HATE to do anything in the kitchen that doesn't involve eating. I immediately turned off my water(boiling for herb tea) and skedaddled upstairs and went to bed. I'm no dummy! The kitchen was not cleaned to my standards, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth!

Speaking of gifts, I have a little blog candy offer today. In honor of my 8000 hits, I am offering the following: A simply scrappin kit "Just Delightful", a stamp set "Delight in Life", three mini spools of ribbon, some acrylic tiles AND a copy of the latest book I read, "The Glass House." I wanted the "candy" to reflect me and my blog and the things I like. I love to scrap, stamp and read. Plus, this book is a must read. If you don't win, go find it. It is a true story of a family that lives as no family should have to. My friend Cindy recommended it to me. I was hesitant because she said it was about neglected children. I don't like stories where children are hurt or abused. I am a mom of course. But, I took a chance and read it anyway. I tell ya, I am a GOOD mom compared to these people! I highly recommend it. The candy will come in two packages since I will be sending you a Brand New copy of the book. What a deal! To enter the drawing for this candy, please post a comment to this post telling me what brings you delight in life. I will pick the most creative answer and announce the winner on Sunday.

I was recently accepted into a bloggers challenge group. I am so excited! We are supposed to post our challenges on Friday so, here you go! Today we are supposed to make something using Designer Paper. These are some cans I am making for a local craft fair this weekend and I happen to be using Designer paper! What a coincidence! Some of you may know that I am LDS. I am big into food storage. I go to a place in Orlando, called the bishop's storehouse, to dry can food like wheat, rice, beans, cocoa, etc, into big number 10 cans. Because of this I have an abnormal amount of #10 cans at my house. I open then with the Pampered Chef can opener so there are not sharp edges. I have been collecting them for a couple months thinking....I can use these for something....(admit it. You do the same thing.) I came up with this cute idea of using the cans for gift bags. I cover them with Designer paper, use my Crop-a-dile to punch hold in it, and use some of that 14 guage wire I bought 6 years ago .... knowing it would use it some make a handle. You might think the handles look freakishly tall, but....picture them loaded up with tissue paper. That is how I will be displaying them.

I am also going to be playing with my new toy today......the Cricut expressions....(can you say WOO HOO!?) so I am sure I will have more stuff to post later today. Kim is coming over to 'help' me figure it out. I'm so excited! Anyway, you may see updates on here later.

Have a great day something creative!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feeling my age...

I decided to update the look of my blog. Yeah, like I have a clue how to do that! I have spent over two hours now trying to change it to how I want it and I'm giving up! If I asked him to, Ethan could probably fix it for me. My 8 year old. Why is it so hard for me to figure out this computer? My kids are way better at computer stuff than I am. I can usually figure stuff out, but it takes a lot of trial and error. I try to read the instructions and it feels like I am reading another language! It is very aggravating! So, after much trial and loads of error, I am going with what you see here. It isn't bad, but isn't what I had in mind. The bad news is that all the awesome blogs I had links to here are lost in cyberspace somehow. darn! If you have an awesome blog, let me know! I'll add it here! I guess I will have to start over. sigh...
I wanted to update for two reasons. One, I saw a link on someone else's blog for new blogger templates. Yeah, I obviously can't figure those out! The other reason is that I have reached 8000 hits. yay! Golly, I wonder how many of those were Michelle...LOL :o)
In honor of the new layout and the 8000 hits, I will be offering some awesome blog candy tomorrow. I would post it tonight but....I'm totally beat! So, tell your friends and stop by tomorrow! And, if you are a computer whiz and want to donate your efforts to making my blog how I want it...let me know!
I did spend some time today stamping with Kim again. I worked on projects for a craft fair I am doing this Saturday, and the next, and the next, and the next....yes, I am insane. Didn't you already know that? Anyway, I'll post a picture tomorrow. I am really happy with how they are turning out. I actually came up with this idea all my my self! Now you REALLY have to stop by tomorrow! ;o)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Take time to remember

Do you have something that just makes you happy? Something you do that just relaxes you and makes you feel good? My friend Jessie called me Saturday from Texas. She had the nerve to move away. I tell ya! Anyway, she called to tell me that she was feeling better than she had in months. Why? Because she went to a stamp party and stamped! She hadn't realized how much she had been missing it. Now, she has moved clear across the country and has had quite a few things on her mind. But, how many of us 'forget' to do the things that make us happy? Or maybe, we don't forget so much as we just get too busy to do those things? I know I do. I have been so busy lately that I don't know what I have been doing! I took time last week to scrapbook a bit. True, I kind of HAD to because I had a crop and needed a page project, but I decided to take the whole day and just scrapbook. Kim came over and we had a ball! I had forgotten how much I love to scrap! (I also love to be with Kim, she is awesome!) Now, I didn't get a ton of pages done, but I got those scrappin muscles stretched out and warmed up a bit and I am just rarin to go again! It makes me feel SO good to save my families memories in albums. It is my journal. My family history. I think that of all the material things I do, that is one of the most important. I mean, I have been canning like crazy, but...that food is going to get eaten and be gone. We will enjoy it, my husband will thank me....maybe the kids too...but, it won't last like the scrapbooks.

I have a page sitting on my table half done, and many more ideas just busting out of my head, but for now I will show you a couple of pages I did last week. This first one is the one I did for our crop. No pictures, but...I'm ready for Halloween! What a concept! Have the page ready for the pictures before the event even takes place! This page uses basic black for the base, and pumpkin pie for the photo mat. You can put a couple pictures on there, or a whole slew of them! The images across the bottom are from the Booglie Eyes set and the BOO is from Big Deal alphabet. I colored the images with watercolor pencils and blender pens. The dotted strips are cut from the Creepy Crawly paper. I added some squiggly lines to outline the white squares to give them more depth. I'm excited to put our Halloween pictures on there! This next page is of my sweet Ben when he broke his arm. I wanted it to be more of a journal page than anything else. The faux notebook paper is from the Notations designer paper. I cut it down a bit and used the flower and swirls to cover the Heart. I used the spiral punch along one side and the corner rounder on the other two corners. I rubbed the edges of the notebook paper and the green base with my chalk options pads in banana and garnet. I used the same inks for the "i". I added a bit of chocolate ribbon around the i and the word YOU from a K&Co packet of chipboard I had lying about.

This last page is the end of this story....when Ben got his cast off. He was so cute. He was sure they were going to cut his arm off. He had gotten pretty attached to that cast and just wanted to keep it. I was inspired for this page by a layout I saw in one of my scrap design books. I have plenty of those..., anyway, the background was just color blocked with different patterned paper. I cut the squares of paper 5-3/4" and then distressed the edges with my SU cutter kit. I stuck them down and just put my mounted pictures over top of them.
It was a quick and easy page that I think looks pretty good! The "brave boy" was cut out using my cuttlebug. Kim had been cutting out LOADS of letters so I had to do some too! The paper I used is retired SU Playhouse paper. I really like it. I used some ribbon I picked up at Joanns in the $ bin.
I just can't wait to scrap some more! Hopefully I will have more pages to share this week!
Have a good one!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tomatoes are good for you..... sister sent me this diet. Not that SHE needs, it but she thinks she does. Let's not go there. Anyway, it is this magic diet that makes you lose 10-17 pounds in 7 days. No pills, no drugs, no knives,....just this all veggie soup that you eat every day along with other certain things. You can find the diet here. So far, I am at day 4 and although I had lost 2 pounds this morning, it is back. I just don't think that is fair. I have not cheated at all! My DH says it is just because I am getting older and I should accept it. He is not bothered by my extra fluff....grrr...I guess that is good, but I am bothered by it! I am not going to give up on the diet. I will see it through to the end and report back. Maybe I will get lucky and it will actually work. Maybe I will just end up buying bigger clothes. Maybe I will try an all chocolate diet next to make up for all the dadgum tomatoes I've eaten this week! I do like tomatoes, but after four days of a highly tomatoey flavored soup....I'm not loving them so much. Too much of a good thing I guess.
I actually made some time to stamp today but it was just catch up stamping. I finished my calendar swap pages and my circle journal. I just want to run away and scrapbook for days!! Anybody want to come? LOL

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Autumn is in the air....

A sure sign that autumn is in the air is when the apples are ready for canning! Yes, I canned again today. It is a funny story, kind of....I went to the library to return my books...why did I get them there? Of course they were late, of course I want to buy them now, sheesh....anyway, on my way home I innocently drove past my favorite veggie stand. I think they were thinking of me when they made today's sign. It said "we have boxes." I never can seem to leave that place lately without a box full of something! I wanted pears, but the Bartlett pears were not very pretty and not very cheap. They had red pears ,which I had never seen before, that smelled Wonderful! So, I bought a box(of course) of them. Then I called mom to ask what kind of apples we usually can. She couldn't remember. sigh, by this time, I was getting TOO HOT. Do you know what I mean? Florida, humidity, black clothes...yeah, too hot. So, I just decided to get Rome apples. They looked good and were cheap. I got my boxes and headed home. Before I could get home, an apparently important belt on my car broke. Can you believe it happened right in front of a mechanic?? I was able to coast into their parking lot and they fixed me up! I thought it was a pretty good plan to break down in front of a mechanic, with a new book, and a snack! I guess someone is watching over me. :o)
The funny thing mom called me back and told me to get Golden Delicious after I had already left. Too late. But....when I got home and opened the box? Yep, they were golden delicious. Too funny! My kids had a ball helping me can. In fact, they did all the coring, slicing, and peeling. I just put them all in the pan and seasoned them!

Another sign of Autumn's approach is Halloween. I am not a big fan of this holiday. I don't buy Halloween stamps, as a rule, and I only do the whole Trunk or Treat out of pure obligation. But...This year, I have purchased three Halloweens sets! I am loving them! Here is a card I did for the Regional using the same schmooshing technique, with some Booglie Eyes on it. (love that set!) I just cut some of the background into strips and staggered them. You can really stretch a piece of the background and do a lot with it.
I'll be doing my pears tomorrow morning....anybody want to come help? ;o) I am also having a stamp a stack class tomorrow night. I'll share our card after that. I am really loving it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My moment of fame

I was asked to share a workshop wow at the Orlando regional last week. It was one of the funnest things I've done! I absolutely loved it! Shari was kind enough to get some pictures of me. When SU called and asked me to present, they told me I could do whatever I wanted and I had 5 minutes. Not a whole lot of time! I asked a few of my customers what they had seen me demo that was WOW to them. They seemed to like this craft schooshing technique, so that is what I showed. It is a super easy technique that I kind of morphed from other techniques over the ages. The way I do it is to take a sheet protector and split the seams so it is only attached, front to back, on the side with the ring holes. Open it up and schmoosh craft ink, I used the spots, randomly on one side. Using another color, do the same on the other side. I try and use colors that will look pleasant when they are combines. Like, red and blue, pink and yellow, any color and silver, etc. This card uses red and blue. When both sides are inked, close the protector and schmoosh the colors together. You can even slide the sheet protector around to ink up spots you may have missed.
When you have a good blend, open it back up. Take two pieces of Glossy cardstock and put them matte sides together. Put the paper inside the sheet protector and close it up again. The craft ink will transfer onto the paper. Glossy works best because it dries slower and gives the ink a chance to dry more evenly. You can leave it like that or quickly add embossing powder while the ink is still wet. For this card, when it was dry, I stamped the doodle flowers over top of it in the same blue and then colored them in using the Aquapainter and craft ink. This next one uses green and orange craft ink. I was going for a spooky Halloween feel, so the colors blending to a dirty color worked. I made a ton of samples for this, so you will be seeing more!