Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rustic flowers

My parents are in town today for the Shuttle launch. They get to actually GO to the launch and see it up close and personal. How cool is that? My DH got them tickets on "the bus" for their 40th wedding anniversary. My parents are amazing. I am so proud of them for sticking together all this time. They got married very young and almost by accident. They have raised one spectacular daughter and three other kids. I'm kidding! We all turned out very nicely I think. I am often reminded of the words of wisdom my parents gave me as I grew up. I'm a lot like my dad in that I am a worker and not a perfectionist. We can do anything, just not perfectly and we are okay with that. I am a lot like my mom in that I laugh a lot but take everything personally. They have both helped make me who I am today and by that, also helped shaped my children as well. What an impact our lives have on others. Makes me think....!
Because I am going to be spending every moment I can with my parents while they are in town, I am sharing a card I made last week. This card uses all background stamps! The base is a 5-1/2 Square when folded, made from Bordering blue cardstock. I stamped the sanded background with chocolate chip and then sponged the edges with more ink. I used a Versamark pad to stamp the paisley background onto vanilla cardstock and popped some brocade pastels onto it. The focal point is the In the Garden (counts as a background because it is so big!) stamped with stazon and colored in with the pastels. The word is from Tres Chic, inked up with a brown marker. I added a bit of wide chocolate grosgrain and a piece of hodgepodge hardward and some tiny paper piercing to the edges and gave everything a good rub with the chocolate sponge and called it good.


Margaret said...

Tell your parents NOT to get TOO close to the launch. :)

We're looking forward to the seeing the shuttle launch today, too. I'm hoping to get down to the Indian River up near Sebastian. Nice of NASA to schedule it for a Saturday.

Gayle said...

Hi Louise! You are one of my favorite people! Congrats on 40 years of marriage! Inspiring... especially these days when people just don't seem to stay together anymore! Enjoy your time with Beckie and those wonderful grandkids of yours! :) Will you PLEASE come scrapbooking with me when you get back? I'm sure you're going to have AMAZING photos of the shuttle launch! I have the PERFECT paper for that layout! Ha,ha!
Love ya,

Michelle Tweedy said...

How fun!! Happy anniversary to your mom and dad. I just love your mom. But how could I not, since you are one of my favorite people! Great artwork, as usual! Love ya, Michelle

Gina Wrona said...

So true, so very true!

How was the launch?

Hopefully you got to spend a lot of time w/your parents, which is always priceless, kwim?


Robin Merriman said...

This is gorgeous, Beckie - I am SO casing this one! Congrats to your parents, it's such a milestone. My parents celebrated 50 years on the 24th. So glad they made it this far.