Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gifts and organizing

I'll start off with saying, I didn't actually make this project and I'm not sure who did. It is a WOW swap I received at convention last summer. The swap is hosted by Amy Celona and we always have stellar swaps from it! I really like this one and am planning on doing something like it for some Christmas gifts. Since we are all on a tighter budget this year it seems, I thought I would share it with you as an inexpensive gift idea. The base of this project is a CD mailer. You can find these at most office supply stores and even at WalMart on a good day. Since it is a stiff white 'folder' it is easy to alter and personalize. This particular one was altered using the Bella Rose DSP from Stampin' Up! This would be a great gift to give an out of town relative with a disk of pictures from the past year. (that is what I plan to do)
Along those same lines, I have been organizing my photos this weekend. Not the actualy physical photos, but the hundreds of photos I have on my computer. My husband was using my computer the other day and was frustrated because it chuggs along like a geriatric monk and so, being the engineer he is...he decided to 'fix' it. He figured out that the reason it is so slow is because I had approx 14 gig worth of pictures on it. oops. So, I have been going through and deleting and refiling all my photos. I have looked into several different disk storage ideas for archiving my photos and wanted to share some things I found out with you.
*Several online photo developing companies let you order disks of photos for around $7. They limit the number of photos to 100-200 per disk. I have a LOT more photos than that.
* I looked into buying blank disks and burning them myself, but I was a bit leary of having those 'blank looking' disks about in case someone needed any emergency disk for the new Matt Nathanson song they just bought online.
*I called both Walgreens and CVS and both places told me that if I called them before I sent them a batch of pictures via the internet, they would be willing to make me a photo CD for only $2.99. Normally, you can only get a CD of the pictures you delelop but they were totally willing to help me out. The plus of having one of these places make the CD is that they usually print some index pictures right on the CD for you. I think this is going to be the winning option. I will let you know how it turns out.
If you have any other great photo organizing ideas, please post them! I just may send out a RAK Or two!

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Anonymous said...

Being the graphic designer that I am and have been for the last 10 years, I'd love to post some awesome organization ideas that I use in my professional life, but I'm sorry to say I too, have a gagillion photos on my computer with no real storage system other than a card board box full of cds with images on them. Sigh...