Wednesday, November 19, 2008

O Christmas tree...

Here is another super fun project we made at my Big Shot club last week. I found these styrofoam type cones at WalMart for under $2. They are actually green, not white. I think they are for floral arranging. Because they aren't the traditional white and are this horrible green stuff that falls apart in your hands (yeck!) I left the plastic wrapper on. I punched out a bunch of scalloped circles using my Big Shot and the scallop circle punch from Stampin' Up! This particular on uses the retired Dashing paper along with some current papers. I cut all the circles in half and used my snail to adhere them to the cone, overlapping them to completely cover the cone. After I got them all on, I went back and added some 2-way glue to the edges and then dumped some chunky clear glitter all over it. It is adorable in person! It reminds me of a Dr. Suess tree, hence the pom pom on the top. That may or may not stay, is kind of cute. Believe it or not, this was pretty quick to make. If you try one, be sure you use a LOT of ahesive. Sticky strip might even be a better way to go. I am going to make some more of these for gifts. :o)
At my workshop tonight, we had a littl discussion on the benefits of the Big Shot verses the Cricut. I own both and use them both, but I honestly use my Big Shot more. One of the main reasons I like it better is because of all the different materials it can cut that the Cricut can not. For those of you that are not sure if you 'need' the Big is a 'small' list of the materials you can cut with the Big Shot to help you make up your mind.
Thick corkboard * thick chipboard * colored magnet * ruffle board * paper wood * balsa wood * * bass wood * metal mesh * aluminum * tin * adhesive & non-adhesive mat board * drawer liner * shelf liner * vinyl * static cling vinyl * shrink film * fine sandpaper * clear acetate * vellum * cardstock * patterned paper * flocked paper * contact paper * textured paper * metallic paper * linen paper * suede paper * embossed metallic paper * basketball embossed paper * faux * alligator textured paper * self-adhesive glitter paper * fabric * canvas * inon-on fabric * soft plush fabric * burlap * velvet * corduroy * lace * heaveyweight denim * terry cloth * funky fur * thin leather * quilt batting * warm & natural batting * fusible fleece * self-adhesive cork * self-adhesive craft metal * self-adhesive foam * self-adhesive magnet * self-adhesive felt * adhesive & non-adhesive rubber * pop up sponge * poly foam * 100% pure beeswax (cut with parchment paper on either side)

If THAT list doesn't talk you into it...I don't know what will! Amazing, isn't it?


Cheryl said...

What a sharp looking tree! I agree with you for sure about the Big Shot. Lots of uses.

Kim said...

Adorable tree! Remember the retail therapy you gave me permission to indulge myself with ... I did it :) Thanks for the little nudge :)