Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simplify your life

As you know, I am working on starting my professional organizing business. I just love helping people simplify their life by brining order to their spaces. It is truly rewarding!
Several of you asked if I would share some organizing tips on my blog. What a great idea! I will start doing that today.
Over the years, I have ready many many organizing books, watched show, practiced in my home and in other people's homes. One of the more inlightening books I have ever read is one my dear mother gave me years ago called "Organizing from the Inside out" by Julie Morgenstern. Julie offers a simple plan for organizing any space you may have. The one statement she has in her book that has not only stuck with me but also shaped how I organize myself and others is this "keep it where you use it." She relates this idea to a kindergarten classroom. The art supplies are in the art center, the books are in the library, the building supplies are in the building center, etc. It makes total sense, yet, I have found that there are a lot of people that get caught up in trying to do things the way they think they have to. Or they are trying to make their house look like that picture in Better Homes and Gardens. People! We LIVE in our houses. Make it yours. Make it liveable. Keep it where you use it and make it Usable for the people in your space.
One major challenge we have had at our house for a LONG time is movies. We love them, but the kids canNOT seem to put them away. It is apparently a very hard thing to put a movie back in it's case. When we had VHS, I cut all the titles off the movie cases and taped them to the actual tapes. Now that we have DVDs, we have the same trouble. Nobody can put them away. SO! my lates home organizing solution has been to purchase a few DVD binders and put all our movies in them. I found them at Target for about $18. Each case holds approx 280 movies. There were several different options for DVD storage to chose from. The way I made my decision was to think about:
* How we would use them
*Where we would use them
I picked these because when open, they display 8 different disks, they fit on my shelves and they have a strap to hold them closed.
If you think this might be a good solution for you, be sure to ask the above questions before you go and buy. I actually bought a couple different options and brought them home to compare and ask the family about before I committed to one.
The best part?? I have LOADS of empty shelves!! It is amazing how much less space the movies take up this way! Love it!

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