Thursday, December 18, 2008

The butterfly room

I have been busy with my organizing business. I am having such fun!! I wanted to share another before and after series with you. This is a sewing/guest room. The room was full to the brim when we started. We did our sort, toss and organize and it came out awesome!! This is another fire client so we put her sewing desk in front of the window. One of my favorite parts of this room is the dresser. It was mostly empty when we started. We changed that! Instead of the traditional clothes in a dresser, we repurposed it for the sewing area. The drawers are all organized and labeled for different sewing tools and accessories. We didn't go out and buy anything! Small clear plastic tubs the client already had were used inside the drawers to house the patterns, ribbons and trim and other notions. She also had a lot of fabric. We used large tubs in the closet to organize her fabric by size and use, ie: quilt fabric, clothing fabric, etc. We also made a tub for current projects that we put on top. TIP: Instead of just stacking the fabric in the tub from the bottom up, we turned the tub on it's side and stacked the fabric in that way. Then, when we sat the tub upright, it is easy to see all the fabric instead of just what is on top.


Wendy said...

Very nice!! I love butterflies!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Jared and Andrea said...

Beckie! You are so talented. I am so excited for this new endeavor in your life. Such a privilege to be a little part of it.