Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taming the tree

I love real Christmas trees. I love the smell, the look, the...'realness' of them. That being said, we have a fake one. I know, but the real ones are so darn expensive! The thing I don't understand about fake trees is...why do they drop their needles? Makes no sense to me.
Our tree has all different kinds of ornaments. We tried to have a 'theme' a few years back but that plan was thwarted when we left all our 'themed' ornaments in our house in Alabama when we moved. (actually, the movers left them, but I've moved on...) I made these cute little package ornaments for our tree this year to house those little gifts that sometimes get lost under the tree. I got the idea for these from the RubberStampDiva. She is the queen of all things punched. Check out her blog. It will amaze you what she does with punches. I went a little crazy with my tree, adding the super chunky glitter from Stampin' Up! with crystal effects. It really sparkles! These triangle boxes are super easy to make. Cut your paper to 8 x 4. Score across the middle at 4 inches, and mark the middle of the short sides at 2inches. Score a line connecting the middle score at 4 to the middle side mark at 2. This should give you a long rectangle piece of cardstock with two triangles scored, meeting at the middle. Are you getting a picture? Fold in the side flaps and then fold it together. Punch holes on both overlapping sides and string some cording through it to hold it shut. Hopefully that made some sense. These are great for those small gifts we all want, or a small key to that new car. :o)

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Cheryl said...

I love your tree ornament with that chunky glitter. So much fun to use.