Tuesday, May 5, 2009

back on the horse

I am trying to get my schedule back together. It is amazing to me how hard it is! Part of it may have to do with the sun being up til around 8pm here. What is up with that? LOL

My baby turned 8 this weekend. How did that happen? He is so adorable. We have such a fun time with him. He just does the most unexpected things!
We decided to go to WonderWorks to celebrate his birthday. ( I just wasn't up for a party...sorry!) Ben said his favorite part was the spinning bridge/tunnel you have to go through to get to the fun stuff. (It made me sick!)

WonderWorks is a place we had seen and wanted to go to but just never could afford. For those of you that don't know what WonderWorks is, it is an interactive science playground. I guess. It has things like a huge bubble making room, earthquake rooms, laser tag, mind games, build-your-own-rollercoaster simulators, flight simulators,....even a bed of nails you can try out. It was a total blast! We all have fun. And, if you must know, I died at laser tag. Even Benny beat me! It is so scarey!! LOL


Cali said...

That looks so fun! Happy Birthday!!! Whoa I can't believe he's 8! Holy cow. That makes me feel OLD!

Michelle Tweedy said...

That looks like a totally cool place to go. Glad you had a good time. Happy Birthday to Ben!

Karen Giron said...

Wow, that looks like a TON of fun! Too bad we're all the way out here, booo! I'm so glad you took the kids there and I can't believe he's 8! Wasn't he just starting kindergarten last year? haha. Glad to see you out and about - all the best to you!