Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blue Sunday

I miss Brad most every day, but really miss him on Sunday. That is kind of funny because he was usually gone most of the day at the church. But, I really liked being able to look up on the stand and see him there. He loved being bishop so very much. His favorite part was counseling with people and helping them. He had a lot of hard times in his own life and felt like he could really understand people because of that.

We have a new bishop now, finally. Bishop Bandy is going to do a fantastic job. He reminds me a lot of my dad. Just a wonderful, loving guy.

This beautiful card came to me from Beth Daniels. I love the soft, serene feel of it. She did an amazing job. I think I may have to wallpaper my walls with all these great cards so I can enjoy them every day!


Shari Bielefeld said...

What a beautiful card!!

Laurel said...

Absolutely beautiful and serene is the right brings such peace and calmness.

Beth said...

Beckie, thank you for the comments on the card I made. I actually saw it somewhere on the web and copied it. I wish I could remember where to give the credit for the design but am not sure. I wish you the best on your move to AZ. beth

Gina Wrona said...

Hello my friend,
I know it's been a long time, but I just can't get my inbox under 100, it's currently at 438.

Anywho, love the card and am glad Beth was able to bring you some comfort until you meet your dh again.