Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Craft room reveal

Several of you have asked about the organizing job I just completed. I have permission from the room's owner to share pictures so, here they are! Doing craft rooms is one of my favorite jobs.
Here are some before and after pictures.
These first pictures are the view from the doorway into the room. One of our challenges was the hubby had to keep his eliptical machine in this room. We had to climb over it while we were working. I hope that counts as excercise..
Before & After:

This crafty lady had lots of projects stored in this room. This is a view of a gathering place of different things. We were able to switch where her 'catch all' table and plastic drawers were to give the room a better flow and also to position her where she could keep an eye on events in the tv room while she crafted.
Before & After:

And last but not least, my favorite part of the room. Before, the plastic drawers had blocked out precious sunlight from this room. Now, the craft table is in front of the window and the light just streams in. It is wonderful! I am sure she will be able to do lots of great creating here now.
Before& After:


Michelle Tweedy said...

Very impressive job here. I have the same elliptical machine! This is my favorite of the jobs you have posted. Probably because it is a craft room. : )

debsdialogues said...

With the sunlight now streaming in, this lucky lady will probably notice her creative juices flowing more than before. Great job!

Laurel said...

Great job. My craft/sewing room goes through the same changes. When I get creative I can sure make a mess.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I am quite impressed! I love the table by the window...the sunlight always is inspiring when you are in a crafty mood! :)

karen said...

I love it! I am a crafter too. Not as good as you but that room is to die for! I love that you can see your window. The sunlight does us all good. It looks like Ben had a nice brithday. That place looks like fun and your kids are so grown up. Time goes by fast. I'm thinking of you a lot. Take care.

Bibbi said...

That looks fantastic!!
Great job, sure the lady is thrilled.

Hope you can come to my place some day and do a job... ;-)

Anonymous said...

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