Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Driver

Nothing ages you like your kids getting older and passing major milestones. When mae got her lisence last year...I started feeling old. sheesh....can I really have a kid that age? Then I remember...when my mother was my age, she was a grandma! Holy cow! I've always been glad my mom was so young. She is more of a sister to me at times. It is fun to have people say we look like sisters. Believe it or not, people say that about Mae and I sometimes. THAT makes me feel young! Keep those comments coming!
This is another layout from the Lisa Bearnson kit. Very simple and...I didn't change it TOO much. Just the photo layout and the journaling blocks. I loved the funky colors and thought they went well with Mae and her day of increased freedom. I did add the ribbon to the button and stamped "sweet 16" at the bottom with memory paing and a Becky Higgins stamp. SUPER easy page!
We're still on the road....having so much fun...

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