Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shortcake birthday

For Sarah's birthday last year, she decided she didn't want a birthday cake. We really aren't too big on cake in our family. Unless there is ice cream in it, and then....we may leave the cake part anyway! We did a strawberry shortcake instead. I used my funky flower tart baking pan from Pampered chef to make the angel food cakes and then we stacked them up and put berries and cream all over them. It was...interesting!
But, it totally went with this cute stamp! (I totally didn't plan that....) I went with the strawberry theme for this layout. Red and white polka dots and green polka dots. I added a bit of black for contrast and some metal edge tags for embellishments. Fun and easy! Just like the birthday party!

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Lynn said...

Just want to say, HI! I love you. I love the kids. Can't wait to come see you!