Friday, July 3, 2009

July in Arizona

We are finally in Arizona and almost unpacked! Okay, the house is mostly unpacked, but my room is out of control! I don't have a dedicated 'craft room' in my new house, so I am being forced to be creative. LOL My 'master' bedroom is going to be a dual purpose room. I thought I could fit all my craftin supplies in one of my large walk in closets, but...apparently, my craftin goodies multiplied while in transit. I know I didn't have this much stuff before I left! Thankfully, my bedroom is pretty large. I will share pictures of what I figure out when I finish. IKEA here I come!
Needless to say, I haven't done any scrappin or stampin for a few days. Hang on! I'll get some projects on here soon! :o)
happy July!!


Shannon Roberts said...

YAY!! I am in Mesa where did you all move to?

Laurel said...

I know you will put those organizational skills to work and create a wonderful living and crafting space! We miss you...but you are only a plane away ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm the blessed one, here. I get my daughter and the kiddo's nearby. I'm loving it!