Tuesday, January 4, 2011


April is a good and bad month for me. Yes, my birthday is in April, but I also lost my sweetheart in April so....a bit bitter sweet. I do love the spring time and the not yet hot time of the year so, I am able to cope. These pictures were taken at Thanksgiving and I just cropped myself out of group shots. lol Gotta love how we can customize photos these days. My mother was just telling me the other day how she can cut and paste faces onto bodies in our family picture so we all look good....I guess that is kind of cool, but I kind of want to remember the events as they are. Even the family pictures where Sarah and Macey are being silly and look ridiculous...I will always remember how much fun they had together when they were 13. They may be mortal enemies (heaven forbid) when they older so, it is fun to have these good times now. Of course, if I have a huge zit in my picture, photoshop that baby!!!

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