Thursday, October 13, 2011

sacks of spirits

Stampin' Up! has so many fun makes it so easy to make packages quick and easy! I used the petal cone die to make this little hanging pounch hoohaw....what would YOU call it? I cut it out twice and just built it up. Super duper easy! I added one of the fan flowers to the front but it was a bit big so I freehand cut it down, purposely wiggly, so it would fit. The tag on the front and the handle are from the Pick your Poison Quick Accents kit. The accents are self adhesive cardstock die cuts, so I just used a strip of spiders and a strip of stripes stuck together to make the handle. I stuck it all together with dimensionals to make it really pop. When I was done, I sprayed the whole thing with black and yellow shimmer spray. The shimmer spray is a great way to get a uniform look when using lots of different elements. It kind of ties it all together.
You should make one of these! It is perfect to give to friends, coworkers, neighbors, kids,....etc. just stick a treat in there and they will love it! I thought about what I could put in one that said 'spirits' on the front....maybe one of those small bottles of alcohol? lol maybe not for my friends......

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