Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's day!

I hope you all are having a great Mother's day. I was awaken this morning at 7:30 by my dear son Jared bringing me breakfast in bed! It was a very yummy omelet and strawberry shake. He brought me mine and then pulled up an chair and ate his with me. It was a great breakfast and great company!

I had a 'spotlight' class last night. I demoed several different ways to spotlight in you stampin projects. It was a small class but we had lots of fun.

This first card is made by punching different shapes out of cardstock and using them as stencils. Lay the punched window over your prestamped image and color in just where the window is. We used different shaped punches randomly over the image. It is a fun look.

This next card is really fun! We stamped the bugs from Winged things in black on white cardstock. They we took the simple shape stamps and stamped them over the bugs. I love the little rows of squares! They add such character! After the shapes are stamped, we colored in the bug parts that were 'spotlighted.' The black gingham just makes it all pop. I used the pure color pencils to color this in. They give it a little shimmer.

This last card is the easiest. It is a great technique when you are in a hurry and want a colored in image. Stamp the image with black on white paper. Take the two big square punches and punch out the smaller one where you want your image spotlighted. If you can push the punch all the way in from the edge, that is best. Then take the bigger punch and punch out right over the first punch. If you were able to push your first punch all the way in, you can do the same with the bigger punch and it will line up exactly. After you are done punching, adhere the image to your card base and then the punched out window inside the window. The punches have made a little border for you. Then, just color in the small punched image. Subtle and fun!
I just got news that a friend from church had her house burn last night. No one was hurt but still...what a horrible thing! I hope that we are all thankful for our families and all the blessings that we have today. And, keep my friend Sheri in your thoughts and prayers.

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