Friday, August 24, 2007

Lunch dates....

I had lunch today with a dear friend. One of those friends that we probably all have. We have a totally fun time when we are together! We talk til our throats get sore, laugh til our sides ache and share our deepest darkest secrets. Then, we don't talk for months on end. Why do we do that? I don't know! I don't have all the answers! But, I do know that I totally love spending time with D. She is just a breath of fresh air. I am just so blessed to have such good friends. And to think...I didn't want to move to the south! I made this little Gratitude Journal for my lunch date friend. It is a simple little book on the outside because I want her to fill free to fill it with all that her heart desires. I know that she has loads to be thankful for and I hope this book runneth over! I used the Outlaw paper on the front with the cool spiral punch. I don't know how to make that fit perfectly so I had a little border around the edges. No worries! I used my Mocha chalk pad to rub the edges and even rubbed the back. I punched a couple holes in the cover with my Cropadile....mainly because I just LOVE using that thang! I stuck a few JUMBO eyelets in the holes and fed the holes some Wide Chocolate ribbon. Have I said how much I love this ribbon?! I made cute little 'tabs' with the Wanted set and punched them with the scallop punch, yes, mine is still working great! I know these little tabs will be rubbed off and destroyed in no time, but....they looked cute when I gave it to her. I stamped Gratitude and the definition from the Define your life set...SUCH a cool set! Buy one! and then called it good. It was quick and easy and actualy close to instant gratification...;o)
My two older boys and their dad are off camping. Should I clean or stay up all night watching movies with my girls? hmmmm such a hard decision!
I added a new blog to my list of bodacious blogs today. If you have time and want a laugh, check out SJ's site, the Sarcastic Journalist. I about peed my pants reading some of her posts! Laugh out loud! It's good for your health!
Signing off!

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Anonymous said...

O.k., you used outlaw paper...are you trying to say something about your true feelings for your friend?! j/k Once again wish you were here (isn't there a song with that line in it?) :)then we could go out to eat or do the little scrapping get togethers that we used to and talk, talk , talk!