Thursday, August 23, 2007

My hero!

Today was such a fun day! I got to be the teacher's helper in Kindergarten. Let me tell you...if I was going to be a teacher, and I might be some day..... I would want to teach Kindergarten. I mean, you get to color, cut and paste, play with playdoh, read stories, get snacks and take naps! I think that author...Robert Fulgrum maybe? was right. Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten. Of course, it helps that this particular Kindergarten class had my baby Ben in it and the most amazing teacher. Mrs. M is the absolute best! I just adore her! I went to help get the day started and ended up staying past lunch. After that, I really had to book it home to get ready for my workshop tonight. That is when the real excitement happened. I was working on getting my last project packed up when Mae came to talk to me. I looked up to answer her and saw a HUGE brown spider abover her head on the ceiling. MOVE!!! I said to Mae and we both dove, literally, to the other side of the room. We can move it, I tell ya! We were both just shakin in our boots looking at that evil thing. I'm not was easy 4 inches in diameter. uhg! I'm getting creeped out just writing about it! Anyway, it was WAY too big for me to try and kill. Besides, it was up on the slanty part of my ceiling by the beams and I couldn't safely reach it. (There is always the chance that I will climb up to smack it and it will jump on me AAAHHHKK!) A neighbor girl thought she could smash it with the end of a wooden dowel....hello! This called for a bigger weapon! In stepped my hero Thorin! He asked if he could shoot it with his bb gun. I said yes, but if you miss and knock it down, you have to hunt it and kill it. Do you wonderful son hit that thing with a bb from clear across the room?! I was so impressed and amazed! (And relieved!!) He hit it in the leg (eewww!) and then again in the body and it fell and we squished it. Okay, I didn't squish it, the neighbor girl did, but I swept up the dead body and took it all the way out to the garage trash. You never know.... I hope I don't have nightmares! I REALLY don't like those evil creatures of the night aka spiders.

Now that you are all checking under your desks and feeling those tickly feelings all over from my lovely story, I will move on to stampin. I had a real fun workshop tonight with some lovely ladies. We did three projects. One of them was similar to a Fabulous Flower card I did a while back, with the glitter, so I won't show that. This next one I cased from the Workshop Wizard on the SU website. I loved the colors together. It uses Soft Sky, Blue Bayou and Groovy Guava. The stamp set is Just like You, which is the Ronald McDonald house set for this year. I totally love this set! It is so easy to use and very versatile. The card is pretty straight forward. I used the 1/16" hold punch on the scalloped punch but some of the ladies at the workshop used the paper piercer instead. They both work great.
This last project turned out way cuter than it looks here. I was going for a pumpkin look. I used Pumpkin Pie cardstock cut 8-1/2 x 3-1/2. I scored it approx 1" down from the top and then folded the bottom up to 1 centimeter from the top fold and then 1 centimeter past the top fold. That made the little flat bottom. It is sort of a match book style fold. After I made the folds, I flattened it back out and rolled it with the Batty for you jumbo wheel. I filled a cello bag with M&M's and stuck that in there. I punched out a 5 petal flower from garden green and stapled it to th
e top while sandwiching the cello bag in the folded Ppie paper. Clear as mud! It is a super easy project with any sized paper. I thought the little green flower kind of made it look like the
top of a pumpkin?? maybe with your eyes squinty closed and your head tilted?
Can you see it?? Yeah, I thought so. Good eye. ;o)

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Anonymous said...

I understand the whole hate spiders bit. I hesitate to step on them especially if they are big because I worry that they'll jump on me! They can get pretty big too. The other day i saw one on my front porch as big a s a half dollar!
your kids are cute! I wish that y'all were still here to hang uot. Chad loved Ethan!