Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Autumn is in the air....

A sure sign that autumn is in the air is when the apples are ready for canning! Yes, I canned again today. It is a funny story, kind of....I went to the library to return my books...why did I get them there? Of course they were late, of course I want to buy them now, sheesh....anyway, on my way home I innocently drove past my favorite veggie stand. I think they were thinking of me when they made today's sign. It said "we have boxes." I never can seem to leave that place lately without a box full of something! I wanted pears, but the Bartlett pears were not very pretty and not very cheap. They had red pears ,which I had never seen before, that smelled Wonderful! So, I bought a box(of course) of them. Then I called mom to ask what kind of apples we usually can. She couldn't remember. sigh, by this time, I was getting TOO HOT. Do you know what I mean? Florida, humidity, black clothes...yeah, too hot. So, I just decided to get Rome apples. They looked good and were cheap. I got my boxes and headed home. Before I could get home, an apparently important belt on my car broke. Can you believe it happened right in front of a mechanic?? I was able to coast into their parking lot and they fixed me up! I thought it was a pretty good plan to break down in front of a mechanic, with a new book, and a snack! I guess someone is watching over me. :o)
The funny thing mom called me back and told me to get Golden Delicious after I had already left. Too late. But....when I got home and opened the box? Yep, they were golden delicious. Too funny! My kids had a ball helping me can. In fact, they did all the coring, slicing, and peeling. I just put them all in the pan and seasoned them!

Another sign of Autumn's approach is Halloween. I am not a big fan of this holiday. I don't buy Halloween stamps, as a rule, and I only do the whole Trunk or Treat out of pure obligation. But...This year, I have purchased three Halloweens sets! I am loving them! Here is a card I did for the Regional using the same schmooshing technique, with some Booglie Eyes on it. (love that set!) I just cut some of the background into strips and staggered them. You can really stretch a piece of the background and do a lot with it.
I'll be doing my pears tomorrow morning....anybody want to come help? ;o) I am also having a stamp a stack class tomorrow night. I'll share our card after that. I am really loving it!

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