Saturday, November 17, 2007

Designer quilt

I absolutely LOVE to quilt! I love piecing, I love shopping for fabric, I love hand stitching, I love snuggling up in a quilt! But....I really don't have time to quilt right now. Not with fabric anyway. I do have time to quilt with paper tho! This page is made with a collection of different designer papers I had in my scrap basket. I really wanted to focus on the picture of Ben, so I made a faux quilt backdrop that kind of blends into the background. The colors are so saffron, celery, rose red and soft sky. I tied them all together with a strip of Cutie Pie paper (also a scrap believe it or not). I added some faux stitching around the edges with my white gel pen. (Don't tell, but I didn't even paper pierce! I just drew them on!) The mini brads are from a couple different color families to match...sorry..."coordinate" with the papers. I covered a chipboard heart with scraps from the scraps of paper I used for the background and "stitched" them together as well. The letters are also chipboard that I pressed into my craft white pad to "color." (can you "color" with white? ) I stuck it all together with glue dots which are from an alien planet because nothing in this world is stickier! I pulled out my newly mounted onto dominoes So Many Sayings set, being careful to life with my legs, and stamped some cute words right onto the stripes on the left. I also used other images from that same set to stamp the dots along the bottom of Ben's picture. I was actually going to send this page into SU for a contest, but darn it all....I didn't want to make it again and I wasn't about to give it up! I really liked it! So, somebody just send me a prize. ;o)


debsdialogues said...

Okay, so I'll give you a prize: The cutest quilt you can't snuggle up with! Will your creativity never end?

Michelle Tweedy said...

That is so beautiful!! You should make another one to send in. Come on! You'll totally win!