Sunday, January 20, 2008

East Coast Prep

Here is another project from leadership. We used a full sheet of 12 x 12 East Coast Prep DSP. Using the inside of the circle from the On Board Ginormous Pieces as a template, we traced and then cut out a circle. I'm sure you could use a plate or other largish round item for this. After cutting it out we scored and folded it in the most peculiar way. The instructions, and yes I actually read them, were really confusing to me for some reason. If I were the one giving instructions...hey! I am! So, basically, use your bone folder and fold the circle so there is approximately a 1-1/2 inch gap at the top. Then unfold it and fold in the sides so they meet at the middle. You can also use a piece of cardstock and just fold the circle around it. The stamp set we used is the one we got for free at leadership, Sweet Celebrations. It is a very versatile set and great for cards and scrapbooks alike. The belly band is just a 1-1/2 inch strip wrapped around and snailed. The dots and stripe and star are all rub-ons. They certainly gave us some hands on training with the rub-ons. They are fun to use!
Today it is actually chilly here! The sad thing is that my husband forgot the dog outside last night. Poor thing! It got down to 40 degrees last night. I am surprised she didn't bark! We have never left her outside before. He said she was just snuggled against the back door shivering. Poor baby! I think she will survive. ;o)
Have a wonderful Sunday! I"m off to get ready for Primary and Choir.

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