Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day in the Life....and Candy!

Such a day I have had! I just have to share. I started the day out pretty normal for a Spring break day. That of course, means sleeping in and only getting up when you hear the trash truck coming and then sprinting out of bed to put the trash out. The way my heart was pounding after that daring dash down the stairs has got to count as some cardio for the day. After the trash, some 'faux yoga' ie. lying on the floor and thinking about my abs. Then, I was a good girl and took my vitamins (hoodia) and drank a very healthy fiber filled smoothie (sweetened with strawberry jam) and then cleaned my bedroom. Well, I vacuumed til I got to the tv....the kids were watching Super Why and, well, you just don't interrupt something like that! I called my friend Laura to bring her boys over to play because, my boys room was still clean! (have to show off things like that!) She came and we visited and the boys played nice and, well, you know what they say....everything's fun and games til someone freakishly breaks thier leg on my trampoline while doing nothing but barely jumping. Yes, the poor little lamb (4 yr old) broke his leg. I'm feelin like scum, but it doesn't stop own daughter was innocently swinging on the tire swing when the rope decides to break and she goes flying and the tire lands, on her of course. Luckily, she was not hurt other than her pride. Yes, friend was watching. If you are a mother of boys, most likely you can match or even top this story. Life with boys is an adventure every day. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I hope my friend continues to speak to me....
In other news.....I have picked a Blog Candy Winner!! I really enjoyed reading all the great birthday experiences you all had! Some were funny, some were sweet, some were exactly what I would like to have on my birthday (apr 24 if you are wondering...) . I picked the winner by a highly technical process which entailed closing my eyes and spinning the round part of my mouse back and forth while I sang happy birthday. The winner is....AMY!!!

Amy said...
My favorite birthday memory happened only a couple years ago. I had said something in passing about how molten chocolate lava cake would make the most luxurious birthday cake ever and my husband went to all the trouble to make me one from scratch! It was such an amazing surprise!Thanks for sharing the super fun blog candy!

Amy, email me your address and I will send you the goodies!

I have to admit...I would NOT turn away a cake like this! hang the diet! Her hubby sounds like a keeper!!
Thanks everyone for playing! I will have more blog candy next week. ;o) Stay tuned!


Bunny B said...

LOL I love how you subtly mentioned your birthday :)
Congrats to Amy! I love molten choc lava cake!! Mmmmm!!!

Michelle Tweedy said...

Bummer about the broken leg. I would still be your friend! ;) Have a great day, friend. Oh, do you have a birthday coming up??? I wasn't sure. :0)

Amy said...

I think he's a keeper, too, but I guess I'm a bit biased :-).

I resent my address; please let me know if you do not see it in your email inbox!

Thanks so much!!!