Thursday, August 21, 2008

bloggin by candlelight...

We have been having buckets of ran here in Florida. It isn't a hurricane, just a tropical storm. I actually enjoy the rain and wind. It is very cleansing. Of course, my yard doesn't look cleansed. There is tree trash everywhere. Or as my friend Katie says, it looks like all the trees barfed all over the yard. :o) We will have loads of fun cleaning it up this weekend if the rain ever stops. Until then, we are using the candles and hurricane lamps and such to see by.

I have to say, this sounds pathetic, but I was SO excited when I discovered we had a gas water heater so I could wash dishes. I know, who likes washing dishes, right? Well, with six kids and no power to run the dish washer, the kitchen has been disappearing under the cups and plates and such. I broke down and decided to just wash the dishes with lots of soap and cold water (aaah!) when, hot water came out. yay! (my husband just shook his head and smiled) hey, at times, I really am easy to please!
Since I don't really have light in the house and we spend all day napping, reading, or trying to stay cool, I didn't get my Blogger's challenge done this week. I think this card actually has some of the colors we were supposed to use tho.
When I was at convention, I made a point to try and see cards made with the sock monkey set that inspired me. There weren't many...but this one I thought was totally cute! Unfortunately, I only took a picture and don't have the actual card here. That means I can't give proper credit. I will just say, I didn't make this card. Kudos to whomever did. It is adorable! If you have other sock monkey art you would like to share with me, please do! This is a set I just HAD to have and haven't liked anything I've done with it. Either send me an email with your creations or post a comment with a link to it if it is on the web. I do think the little fella is cute, I just need inspiration.
I hope you all have a wonderful, dry weekend!


amycara said...

Thanks for sharing this card, Beckie! It really is CUTE! And that's saying a lot because I didn't really like the set at first, ha ha!

Robin Merriman said...

TFS, Beckie! Very cute card. I hope your life gets back to normal soon!

Barb Hardeman said...

Cute card Beckie, TFS. Hope you reach "normal" soon.

Sally said...

Your card is adorable and cheerful.
I have family that lives in Cocoa and Rockledge, they say it has rained buckets. Hope it ends for you soon.