Thursday, August 14, 2008

Convention shares

My daughter has once again my camera so I can't take any pictures of new projects. okay, I admit it...I gave it to her when she left for Busch Gardens. I wanted some pictures of her trip. In the mean time, I took tons of pictures at convention so, here is one of them. This awesome door was on display at the Stampin' Up! headquarters in Riverton. I just loved the simplicity of it! The 'happiness' is one of our new Decor Elements. These vinyl 'stickers' are SO easy to use! You can put them on just about anything! I have an 'extra' french door from one of my projects, so I just may try something like this. ( I know, who has an extra French door? Only me....)
In other news, my dear son Ben made me laugh today. Well, he makes me laugh every day, but this one was too cute...
Dillon : "Ben! Come see this raccoon!"
Ben : "okay, but you know he will attack?!"

I don't know why, but it sent me into giggles. It was almost as funny as when my dh texted me yesterday saying he would take over several of my jobs, one of them being planning for my stamp class tonight. Such the funny guy. I almost believed him til I got to that gem.
have a good day!

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