Monday, September 29, 2008

Hokey Monday and rantings!

Monday came without warning. It always seems to sneak up on me. Surprising me with cranky kids, piles of laundry, messy rooms and older knees. I'm creaking up a storm today! I will most likely be going to the school this morning...that is probably Ben's teacher calling right this will be a quick post.
I had some stamping time this weekend and ....back from the school. now. What did I tell you? I'm going to take a minute and just vent on this subject. I am so frustrated with public school! What is the deal with the "no child left behind" anyway? I think it is a load of (insert word here)! My son is on the autism spectrum. He doesn't seem like he is most of the time. He goes along just fine til something sets him off. He is a perfectionist at school and falls behind because he is doing his best. His teacher only sends home notes telling me what he did NOT do, how he messed up, etc. Why WHY can't teachers actually teach? It seems to me that if a child doesn't fit into the perfect little mold he/she is left behind or pushed aside or worse yet, punished! Frustrated!!!!
Anyway, I have to take another child to school....whole other topic there!
Here is my cute card for the day. I made this for my hubby the other day. I used the Under the Stars stamp set which is on sale this month. It is totally cute!!
Hope you are having a better Monday than me!


Gina Wrona said...

OMG! What an awesome idea for this set that I was on the fence about, but finally gave in and got it today!

Now I have you to CASE! If you don't mind, kwim?


Michelle Tweedy said...

Sounds like you need a hug!! I wish I was there to give you one. Consider yourself ((((hugged))))!! Love you. And the card is fabulous, too!

amycara said...

ADORABLE with a capital A!