Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am so busy with Christmas I have let my blog slide a bit. I wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas! I will be back with great stampin ideas in a few days. Promise!
I love this time of year. Especially this year since my sweetie managed to get two weeks off of work. yay!! We went ice skating yesterday and plan to do lots more family activities during these two weeks.
Here we are at the rink. Nobody broke! I fell once, and banged my knee pretty bad, but other than that we did great!


Bastelfrosch said...

Your have a wonderful blog.
And six children...WOW, we have three.
God bless you and i wish you a verry good year 2009.
Greatings from germany (Erzgebirge)

Carolee's Creations said...

Wow....How your kids have grown!!! Ya'll look like you were having a blast! Mine are begging me to take them to the ice rink, too. Too bad I can't ice skate!
Have a great New Year!!