Saturday, September 26, 2009

$10 gift card

For all my preparedness junkies out there....Emergency Essentials is giving away a $10 gift card if you put a link to their site on your blog. I order from them pretty regularly. They ship quick, have great sales, and have a great selection of food as well as other emergency preparedness items.
My daughter was excited to see that they even have some vegan items. Right now, their powdered milk is on sale for a great price. Something you can never have too much of in your year supply I think. Another item they carry that I really like is their freeze dried shredded cheese. I know, it sounds weird, but it is actually really cool. It is great to put in soups or even to layer in your lasagna! Not only does it soften up in there, but is uses up some of the liquid to make your lasagna hold together better. (Nobody wants lasagna soup....)
so there is my sales pitch for today. I think they should send me $20 for that! If you are interested in added the link to your site or just want to check them out, see the link at the left.
Have a great weekend!

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