Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eye of the Artist

I was showing my friend Marlene the wonders of the water color pencils the other night and came up with this card. It was intended to be a quick..."this is how these work" project and not really a card, but the peer pressure got to me quick to make it into something. I guess this stamp is actually a fern of some sort, but the great thing about being the 'artist' of the card....it is whatever I say it is! So, either a mighty cold fern or a new breed of flower. I decided to play off the yellow tips of the 'flowers' and do a yellow card base. Not my favorite choice of colors, but I think it works. And of course...when in doubt, add glitter! I just dabbed a bit of tombow to the edges of each 'flower' and dumped some dazzling diamonds on there. NOW it looks good. You never know how it is going to turn out....just go with it!

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