Thursday, September 27, 2007

all in the family

I had a great weekend in Az with my sisters. They are the cutest, craziest gals you will ever meet. They got all the good looks in the family. sigh...oh well. At least I'm the oldest so I can boss them around. Ha! (yeah, I'm the one on the far left...such a flattering position...thanks mom)I took Thor with me and we had a good time just he and I. It was interesting traveling with him...I travel so much by myself that I forget how nice it is to have someone to talk to. He is a boy of few words most of the time. In fact, on the plane, he would wake me up every time I dozed off "so he wouldn't be bored" but he didn't say much. He just wanted me awake. We did have some nice talks tho. Mostly he used the time to do a big time sales pitch for a new video game he wants.
This trip was the first time I got to meet my newest niece.
She has to be the most beautiful baby, not born to me, that I have ever seen. She has her moms big blue eyes and these perfect lips. Oh, and it didn't hurt that she actually liked me! Holding her for a couple of days totally fixed that baby urge I have been having. ;o)
While I was at my sister's house we did some canning. Yes, even she has the canning bug! We got very adventurous and tried canning Zucchini. What would YOU do if you were offered 40 pounds of it for $5? We learned a lot during this adventure. One: don't put your finger on the grating wheel if you want to keep it(your finger), Two: don't forget to add in the time for your oven to heat up when you are canning in there Three: zucchini smells really bad when it doesn't cook all the way and starts oozing out of the jars. yeck! After our 'learning' process, we ended up with about 20 quarts of zucchini. Some of it was grated, for use in muffins, bread and other baked goods, and some was sliced for using in soups. We also had several bags of grated zuchinni that we put in her freezer. I don't know how fast her family will go through it, but I would think it would last quite a while over here.
I spent most of the morning making samples for my regional presentation tomorrow, but I can't share them because my hubby left for Texas with my camera! I'll try and get some pictures from tomorrow to share. Have a great day and....wish me luck!

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