Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blue Springs

When my parents came for Labor day and birthdays a couple weeks ago, we had a ball! It is always a treat to have family around. Since I have been married I have only lived close to family for a couple of years. I feel like we miss out on so much! At the same time, if we didn't live all parents probably wouldn't have been to as many states as they have. I think we have broadened their horizons. ;o) We decided to spent Labor Day at Blue Springs. The boys had gone camping there, but the rest of us had never been. We hooked up with some other families from church and headed out early. We are not usually big on long days at the beach. The sun really gets to us. Okay, the sun really get to my husband! I just get worn out in general. We figured we would stay a couple of hours. We stayed for about four hours! It was just wonderful! The water is beautifully clear and cool. It was great for all the kids. They swam, ate, rode in canoes, looked at the alligators...yes, there were really alligators!, played on the playground and even kicked the soccerball around a bit. It was an all around great day. Nobody got sunburned (an amazing feat for us!), there was no sand, no salt, and lots of shade. There was a big house...historical I suppose, that I was thinking would be great to just move into and stay in! The kids are begging to go back. I'm sure we will...some is over an hour away tho. Darn!
We really enjoyed visiting with my parents and it was an extra fun treat to have my nephew here as well. It was his first trip without his mom and dad and he did great! He didn't have a chance to get homesick...we kept him busy! He and Thor are only 2 weeks apart in age and they had loads of fun!
I promised to share another card I made Tuesday night. This is a stamp set I decided to buy because of it's "artsy" style. As I was looking through my stamps, I realized that I have a lot of the
same style of stamps. I decided to broaden my horizons with this set. It is a really pretty set. I do like it. I spent a lot of time watercoloring on this one....I dont' think I will do a lot that way. I stamped it with Staz On Black onto watercolor paper
and used the watercolor crayons to add a bit of color directly to the stamped image. Then I used my aquapainter to blend the colors. I think it might be easier to use the watercolor pencils because of the detailed image, but there aren't as many color options with the pencils. I don't know if you can see
the background but I did stamp the lace background 2/3 of the way down in the artichoke. I think I will try this set with embossing. That is a nice quick way to make a classy card. Have a happy one!

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Anonymous said...

glad you had fun! I miss the beach! It is nice to be with family :) There's not a single body of water the doesn't have a gator there :) I miss the beach in Florida! By the way, I love your cards that you've been makin'!