Thursday, September 20, 2007

Conquistador of Chaos

I love to read. I read books of all kind. History, fiction, self help, biographies, decorating, and even books on organizing. I look to look at pictures of organized homes and see all the creative things people come up with. One of the best organizing books I have read was given to me by my mother. I'm SURE she wasn't hinting or anything when she gave this to me......It is called Organizing From the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern. Her method to organizing is to keep things where you use them. Not a mindboggling idea, but still...makes you think, no? In her book, she talks about the different kinds of people and how they 'organize' or take care of things. One of the titles she gives is Conquistador of Chaos. This is someone that waits til things get way out of control and then they come riding in on their great white horse to charge through the mess and set everything in order. Today, as I was running all over town, finishing a placque that had been ordered three months ago, doing laundry, mopping the floor, taking the kids to the dentist, going to the post office, getting groceries, and planning what I was going to wear on my trip this weekend.....I thought to myself, "self, why did you wait until Thursday to do all these things when you KNEW you were going to be leaving Friday morning?" That is when I realized that I just may be a C.O.C. I'm thinking this isn't a good thing to be. Why? Because, even though I almost always get everything done, I am stressed out, my family suffers (or hides), nothing is done quite how it "should" be and I'm worn out! I would blame my mother for my condition, but I know she reads this so I will keep her out of it. I think it is a control thing. You KNOW what I am talking about. So, I am going to think about how to modify my life and to try and avoid the whole "last minute" thing if possible. Besides...I read something about stress being a big part of that tire around our middles. Stress makes our bodies store fat or something. Yeah, I don't need all that stuff!

I made a card for a friend and I was going to wait to post it til she got it, but...I think I will post it now and be ahead of the game. kind of. Anyway, This is another card using the Cutie pic paper paired with the Rose red designer paper. The base is celery (i had a stack on my desk,okay?!) I added a chocolate ribbon and used the defining alphabet and define your life set. I LOVE these two together. have I said that? Anyway, I liked the scallop punch with the stripes. I think I saw that idea somewhere....
Have a great day. Take some time for you and...plan tomorrow!


Michelle Tweedy said...

What a cute card!! I got it in the mail and I was so excited. I love to get mail...especially from you! Thanks for the adorable art and the words of love and kindness on the inside. You are the best. Love ya!

amycara said...

Great card! Welcome to the group!